Game Synopsis

Moon earth revolution is a game based in the distant future. In this iteration, three meteors strike our planet, the entire world is on fire, and the people of Earth must flee.

Earth has fallen, and human civilization as we know it is over!

Bar a lucky few.

To survive, they board spaceships and head out to the Moon, our closest neighbor in the solar system. On arrival, scientists and explorers set up shop to make the Moon habitable. They take up the challenge of building a new home where humanity can thrive again. Although the odds are slim, they create nonetheless. Humanity's hopes rest on the shoulders of scientists and explorers. Yes, humans are now at the mercy of geeks they used to bully.

Moon earth revolution is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which you explore, play, and earn your way across our solar system, beginning with the Moon. A thrilling investigation of the depths of Time, Space, and Human Civilization.

Moon earth revolution is a hybrid of classic gaming experiences and blockchain best practices such as DAO voting, NFT, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The game experience on Moon earth revolution will be introduced in stages, with progressively complicated features in each. Players can perform deals and keep their digital ASSETS in multiple worlds once the alpha version is released.

We anticipate that the Moon earth revolution game will appeal to many people. We've selected some game schemes our developers have in mind;
Creative freedom
Players will be able to fully design their lands however they want. You could spice up your plot with gorgeous scenery and constructions such as a medieval village, or even a space station. These kinds of experiences have the potential to attract groups of in-game friends who have similar tastes and values.
Fight aliens, explore previously uninhabited planets, form allegiances, support uprisings, or even uncover ancient alien civilization mysteries! Players will be able to experience exploration and adventure gameplay. Each new planet will be unique, presenting fresh opportunities to explore new lands, meet new people, and uncover never-before-seen mysteries!
Our game is great for building and crafting adventures. Players will be able to create avatars and customize them with different features. Also, there will be engaging activities such as tournaments and versus battles. Players can also craft weapons, special abilities, and even technology from different rare materials scattered all over the planets. Some attributes are limited to specific planets, necessitating the need for trade among players.


Moon earth revolution is an online and NFT land-based Play-To-Earn gaming firm dedicated to providing our clients with the greatest gaming experience possible while also making money.

Our objective is to provide a profoundly immersive game world in which users collaborate to develop space colonies and communities with no central authority. We want to disrupt incumbent game makers by giving players actual ownership of the LAND in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding participation with our utility token (RME).

The centralized ownership and management of user-generated material in the present gaming market limit creative rights and ownership.

Moon earth revolution wants to make gaming enjoyable and exciting while providing its clientele with a one-of-a-kind socializing and business experience. We promise our customers a diverse assortment of characters, communities, stories, and gaming experiences. Because of our unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity, Moon earth revolution will never bore you.

Play-To-Earn Ecosystem

The Moon Earth Revolution environment empowers gamers via blockchain technology and NFTs.
Virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity are a growing niche in the worldwide gaming business. Each NFT is different or unique; it is indivisible and cannot be substituted for another.
NFTs and Blockchain technology will enable our esteemed players to enjoy the following benefits;
Blockchain-based gaming systems have the potential to provide consumers complete ownership over their digital assets. They may freely purchase and sell stuff without fear of being ripped off or a platform closing and canceling the worth of their in-game products.
Tokenized digital game objects may be readily sold in main and secondary marketplaces governed and facilitated by blockchain technology. Scarcity and demand-based items are prone to fraud and theft, but because blockchain is a distributed record, these risks are mitigated.
Player Ownership
Gamers are the genuine and eternal proprietors of their digital things, even if the game has been discontinued. Every game object may be traded using the marketplace, letting players choose how they wish to trade, sell, or give their stuff.
Moon earth revolution utilizes a single token (RME) system to foster a clean economy among all players. Other tradables are LANDS, ASSETS, and RME tokens, built on the ERC20 standard and will serve as the ecosystem's official currency for purchasing products and services in the game marketplace (among other rights).

Land NFT

LANDS are blockchain-backed virtual assets representing actual parcels of Land on different planets in our Metaverse (using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs). Each plot of land is an NFT, representing an ownership stake in that planet or the Moon. Plots are limited to 1000 per planet.
Owning or renting an NFT plot will be the only way to generate in-game tokens and also grants governance rights in that planetary DAO.
Interplanetary DAO governance is tied to the in-game token. Owners can submit recommendations and vote on specific game features, treasury usage, attributes, and development.
Planetary DAO members will have a say in everything that impacts that planet, such as governance, trading allegiances, exports, etc. This will affect gameplay and interplanetary connections in the same way that governments of individual countries do on Earth.
The Moon Earth Federation owns unsold land until it is purchased.
Each planet will have its distinct and interactive environment, offering chances to DAOs and players through land-based commerce, environmental resources, skins, gaming, and other means.
NFT landowners will be able to:

Buy and sell land


Rent out the land


Advertise on their property


Stake their NFT and earn passive income


Participate in LP farming


NFT holders will be airdropped in-game tokens


Land resources can be mined and sold

Each plot contains common, rare, and legendary elements and artifacts that will be needed in-game, adding value to them. Additional rare and legendary NFTs could also be unearthed.

Land Token (RME)

RME is a critical component of the Moon earth revolution game, and we’re trying to build fundamental mechanisms that will make the RME token inextricably linked to Moon earth revolution and its value. RME will be an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain that acts as the foundation for transactions within Moon earth revolution and may be used for the following purposes:
Players pay RME to play, travel, and acquire equipment, weapons, or modify their Avatar attributes. Players spend RME to acquire ASSETS, LANDS, and through Staking. Purchasing Land NFT will be the only way to earn RME tokens at the beginning.
RME is a governance token that allows holders to participate in platform governance decisions via a DAO framework. They have the ability to vote on essential features in interplanetary governance, as well as feature prioritization on the platform Roadmap. RME owners can vote personally or delegate voting privileges to other players of their choosing.
RME is staking enabled, which allows for passive money on Lands: staking gives you additional RME. This is also one of the methods to obtain game rarities and Gems, which are required for game progression.

Economic Model

The current gaming industry offers Moon earth revolution a unique chance to capitalize on both PC/Mac and mobile platforms, as the ability to move power and earning potential into the hands of players in the booming UGC gaming market will add considerable value to their gameplay experience.

The global gaming market is expected to reach: USD 171.96 billion3 by 2025


The mobile gaming segment is expected to gain momentum and exhibit a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% over the next eight years, owing to increasing smartphone penetration globally


The online segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2020 to 2025. This may be linked to rising internet penetration and increased online betting, gambling, and social network gaming.


The Asia Pacific market is predicted to grow, with a market value of USD 86.84 billion by 2025. Emerging markets such as China, India, and South Korea provide attractive growth potential for market augmentation, which may be ascribed partly to these nations' increasing smartphone and Internet usage.

Player Market

Ownership and remuneration are less important to players who come to games to play and buy stuff rather than develop and sell them. Another issue that directly impacts these gamers is that they spend real-world money to purchase stuff in-game, but have no method of recovering it.

For example, if people quit playing a game, all the stuff they purchased becomes instantly useless. If the game is shut down for whatever reason, such as a drop in popularity that makes it less profitable, all the player's in-game purchases are lost forever. This is especially true when it comes to free-to-play (F2P) games. Purchases are one-way traffic. Players pay money to acquire items in the game but have no method of recovering their worth if they no longer use them and cannot lawfully sell them to another player, so they receive no recompense if the game is removed from the market.
Our Solution
Moon earth revolution’s player-centric innovations and enhancements over current market titles will make our game the people's choice. The initial stage of this process is forming a semi-decentralized gaming community, with certain components under the developers' control and others left to the gamers themselves.


Smart contracts will regulate item auctions and transactions in the marketplace. This open marketplace will allow players to freely trade in-game content.
Other advantages of this marketplace include the automated integration of economic concepts of supply and demand into the system, allowing the community to determine the appropriate price of user-generated assets. However, the fundamental power of this market is that producers of such assets may now gain true concrete real-world value from the material they create.


Fund allocation

Game & Ecosystem Development


Moon earth revolution is a perfect product to develop from the intersection of cutting-edge blockchain, real-time visuals, MMORPG, and decentralized financial technology.

The Moon earth revolution universe is based on the MMORPG genre, which results in exciting, long-term gameplay as factions battle it out in a constantly evolving spacescape. Players stake in-game assets to expand and develop their in-game territories, explore unique and distant planets, engage in high-stakes conflict, and control the game's features and future with earned political influence.

Bringing all these enabling technologies together creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the future of banking, video games, entertainment, real-world professions, and blockchain, where individuals can make money while having a good time. All of this occurs in the unfamiliar frontier of space, where exploration is terrifyingly cold and full of unwavering hope.

It is an exciting moment to witness the emergence of WEB3 technologies, virtual reality, and online gaming and how they connect and create immersive environments that blur the barriers between reality and imagination.